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Jun 8, 2021

Is AI Trying To Solve the Wrong Problem?

People don't necessarily make better decisions with more data, so why are data scientists assuming AI will do so? JL 

Marianne Bellotti reports in OneZero:

More information rarely changes the organizational politics behind a decision. In real life, decision-makers optimize for conserving effort. Total situational awareness is less desirable than tools that facilitate the team effort leading up to a decision. Even the most thoroughly constructed strategy backed by the best data cannot offer a guarantee, and everyone knows it. The process of making a decision is less about an objective analysis of data and more about an active negotiation between stakeholders with different tolerances for risk and priorities. Data is used not for the insight it might offer but as a shield to protect stakeholders from fallout

More and more data

Instead of eliminating human biases, they wanted to organize technology around those biases.

Maybe we’re solving the wrong problem

Poorly designed A.I. is a (national) security risk

What is antifragile A.I.?

Strong A.I. in a world of bad data


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