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Nov 24, 2017

The Race To Power Artificial Intelligence's Silicon Brains

New opportunity from old material. JL

Martin Giles reports in MIT Technology Review:

What’s changed is a growing belief among some investors that AI could be a unique opportunity to create significant new semiconductor companies. The new generation of chips combine multiple processing functions into a single step. The functions are bundled to optimize specific use cases, such as training algorithms to help an autonomous car spot potential obstacles ahead.

High End Stores That Dont Actually Sell Anything Are the Future of Retail

 Selling the experience to enhance the product. JL

Lauren Mang reports in Quartz:

By eschewing the traditional sales-based model for one that focuses on customer engagement, product education, and services, the shopping experience becomes less about the bottom line, and more about top-line brand engagement and loyalty-building.“It’s more about that intangible result,”

21 Weird New Jobs Being Created By Technology

Data detective, personal memory curator, cyber city analyst, augmented reality journey builder, AI business development manager, personal data broker, highway controller, digital tailor, genetic diversity officer, bring-your-own-IT facilitator, virtual store sherpa, chief trust officer, man-machine teaming manager, genomic portfolio directer...you get the idea...JL

Caroline Cakebread reports in Business Insider:

There will 21 million new jobs created as a direct result of new technologies.

Understanding the Psychology of the Black Friday Mob

Competitive juices fired by the sense that others are unfairly getting an even better deal. JL

Emilie Lucchesi reports in the New York Times:

Scarcity sparks “consumer competitive arousal,” the belief that a consumer situation is a competition in which there are potential “winners” and “losers.” Feelings of unfairness drove many shoppers to behave the way they did. Shopping and the retail-consumer relationship is expected to be an equitable exchange of a good for payment. Any violation of the exchange can evoke strong feelings.

$200 Billion in Takeovers This Month Signals Fear Of Tech Giants Is Driving Deals

The most powerful motivators: fear and greed. JL

Dana Mattioli reports in the Wall Street Journal:

Investment bankers have gotten used to being asked by worried retail-industry chief executives to pitch takeover ideas aimed at fending off Amazon. Now the fear has spread to media, health care and many other sectors, where CEOs dread the competitive advancements made by not just Amazon but also Facebook, Google and Netflix . The result is an explosion of mergers and acquisitions.

Nov 23, 2017

Personalization Helps Businesses: How Come So Many Are Terrible At It?

Too much data. Too few people who know what it really means. JL

Sarah Halzack reports in Bloomberg:

Retailers simply have more data than they know how to use. When trying to personalize shopping, many marketers consider broad attributes such as location. Fewer take into account more granular information, such as shopper behavior on previous visits to a store's website:So why is the industry coming up short on something it claims to make a priority? Recent research suggests some businesses just don't seem to be serious about investing in the talent or building the plan needed for this kind of work. 

How Technology Fires Passions and Creates Extreme Divisions

Hey, it's Thanksgiving. Let's all sit down together - and argue about politics.

But it's not just ideology; even clothing and food are freighted with meaning. JL

Robert Kozinets reports in The Conversation:

People share images of food to nurture others with photos, to express belonging to groups like vegans or paleos. But sharing can become competitive, pushing images of food that look less and less like what regular people eat every day. My co-authors and I debunk the idea that technology makes consumers more rational and price-conscious. Smartphones and apps increase passions while also driving them to polarizing extremes.