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Sep 4, 2015

How Customer Tweets Convinced McDonalds To Offer All-Day Breakfast

Give the customers what they want. JL

Jessica Wohl reports in Advertising Age:

McDonald's went back as far as 2006 and found tweets from people hankering for all-day breakfast.

Hate Ads? Hulu Will Let You Watch TV Ad-Free for An Extra $4 A Month

Putting a price on peace of mind. JL

Peter Kafka reports in re/code:

Hulu will charge $12 a month for its ad-free version, while continuing to market its ad supported service (for $8 a month). The 50 percent price jump between the two is meant to give most of Hulu’s nine million subscribers reason to keep the version they have, not hasten erosion of the ad model.

Up the Down Wage Ladder: The Reason Unemployment Has Fallen But Wages Haven't Risen

The data suggest that those millions who were unemployed, even briefly, suffered lower wages when re-employed by comparison to those who remained employed throughout. In short, their fears caused them to take the poorer offers that those hiring sensed they would be desperate enough to accept. JL

Luis Armona and colleagues report in The Federal Reserve Bank of New York via The Big Picture blog:

Workers who do not experience a spell of nonemployment fare better than those who do. They have higher wages, are more likely to be receiving benefits, and are more satisfied with their jobs.

Apple v Samsung Headed to Fourth Jury Trial

The successive trials over five years have whittled down the amount Apple could collect to far less than they will have paid their lawyers. JL

Joe Mullin reports in ars technica:

Damages on disputed features like "pinch to zoom" will be re-calculated. Again.

Rethinking Work

90% of workers are not engaged with or are actively disengaged from their jobs, as the following article explains.

And this in an era when every job holder knows they could quickly be replaced by a less costly worker in another country  - or by a computer.

Which suggests that the issue is not employee commitment but the way work is organized and managed.

Optimization in a competitive global economy requires rethinking how, why and what work is. JL

Barry Schwartz comments in the New York Times:

We care about more than money. We want work that is challenging and engaging, that enables us to exercise some discretion and control over what we do, and that provides us opportunities to learn and grow. We want to work with colleagues we respect and with supervisors who respect us. Most of all, we want work that is meaningful

Sep 3, 2015

HP Employees Told To Take Half Pay Jobs At Contractor Or Be Fired Without Severance

It would appear that HP's most important assets no longer walk out the door every night. JL

Julie Bort reports in Business Insider:

HP layoffs have been going on for about the last seven years, since the unit was formed when HP bought EDS and doubled its workforce. HP has spent about $1 billion a year on restructuring costs.

eBay Is 20 Years Old Today - And It's Sold Some Pretty Weird Stuff In That Time

eBay is still a thing? Hard to know which is weirder: the stuff it's sold over the years or the fact that despite buying and then selling PayPal, Skype etc, it''s survived. JL

Erik Sherman reports in Fortune:

“I have discovered the reason for our existence and will be happy to share this information with the highest bidder.” Purchase price: $3.26.