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Sep 24, 2016

Fear Of A College Educated Barista

Of course recent engineering grads are going to be snapped right up. That's generally been the case for specialized skills.

But as the following article suggests, most college grads who want a decent job find one. Eventually...JL

Derek Thompson reports in The Atlantic:

Seven years after the Great Recession, about half of young college graduates between the ages of 22 and 27 are said to be “underemployed”—working in a job that hasn’t required a college degree—including that infamous caricature, the College-Educated Barista. (But) a career is a lifelong project, and underemployment, even for liberal-arts students, appears to be a temporary condition.

Tesla Says It Fixed Software On Model S Remotely Hacked By Chinese Security Firm

The fact that this article was written by Yahoo, a company with its own hacking issues, suggests that Tesla's vulnerabilities - like virtually every other enterprise's - may be understated, while the efficacy of the ostensible fixes may be overstated. JL

Luc Olinga reports in Yahoo News:

Tesla said Wednesday that it had fixed a software vulnerability in its luxury electric Model S sedan after a Chinese security team hacked a car's systems and remotely controlled it.
The newest hacking case of remote manipulation of a car served to underscore the potential dangers of vehicles that are heavily connected via wireless technologies.

Are Breweries and Alcohol Distributors Getting Unnecessarily Nervous About Weed Legalization?

The data suggest that in US states where marijuana sales are legal, beer and alcohol are up. Furthermore, since they already control distribution for these leisure time products, why not invest in or help sell the additional products? Or just combine the two...JL
Ben Gilbert reports in Slate:

Beer and alcohol distributors are part of the conversation about marijuana legalization. (But) after legalization, governments will regulate the marijuana industry similarly to the beer and alcohol industry, with distributors acting as middle-men between brewers/wholesalers and customers. They've already got the trucks, routes, employees, and established systems. In Colorado, beer and alcohol sales are up alongside marijuana legalization.

Waze Will Now Help You Find the Best Parking Space

Clearly a transitional technology. We're all waiting for the app that will drive and park for us. And while we're at it, do the shopping as well. JL

Neurogadget reports:

It can provide you with more accurate and instantaneous results because INRIX gathers data used by car manufacturers, governments, and news sources. The information includes how much parking is available at a particular block and applicable fares from cities and parking facilities on where parking is heavy or light and how much you have to pay at a spot. Drivers in North America and Europe wasted an average of 55 hours last year looking for a spot to park.

Facebook 'Overestimated' Video Ads Viewing Time by 60-80 Percent Over Two Year Period

'Overestimated'...by as much as 80% over two years? In a business where every metric is pored over like a sacred religious text? It's called cheating. It not only short changes advertisers, marketers and media companies who paid for a service that wasn't delivered, but it undermines the already shaky faith in the efficacy of of digital and social media advertising.

An interesting question is to what degree more powerful advertisers will demand make-goods or even sue for recompense. This would be less significant if Facebook did not already have a reputation for being less than truthful about its dealings with users. And it makes the timing of Zuck's $3 billion 'cure all disease' initiative look suspiciously self-serving. JL

Suzanne Vranica and Jack Marshall report in the Wall Street Journal:

Facebook only counted video views of more than three seconds when calculating its “Average Duration of Video Viewed” metric. Video views of under three seconds were not factored in,  inflating the average. The miscounting fuels concerns among advertisers that companies including Facebook and Google keep a tight grip on data, and only allow limited third parties tracking their platforms is equivalent to “letting them mark their own homework.”

Hate People? Here Are the Jobs For You

An introverts guide to getting by in a world of glad-handing extroverts. JL

Nick Clayton reports in the BBC:

Introverts make up half the population. They prefer an environment that’s quieter and more conducive to thought. Some companies make the mistake of screening candidates with psychometric tests and eliminating them. Diversity of personality provides perspectives which leads to better decision making, solutions, and understanding clients. This can be seen in some of the world’s most successful companies. Apple's Steve Wozniak paired up with Steve Jobs. Bill Gates did the same at Microsoft with Paul Allen and later with Steve Ballmer.

Sep 23, 2016

Tinder Hooks Up With Spotify To Match Users Based On Music Taste

Relationships have begun on much less personal and far more random factors...JL

Paul Sawers reports in Venture Beat:

Music is something that people often bond over. But it could be better if it was able to match users automatically based on a certain percentage of shared music listening, rather than it merely serving as an additional metric. For Spotify, which now has 40 million paying subscribers, integrating with Tinder also gives it one more avenue to gain mindshare and lure new (paying) users on board.