developed a set of case studies in the research, and it will be talking much more about this new world in the coming months.
The New Organization: Designed For Us As People
As I reflect on the hard work Deloitte did to complete this research and understand the findings, I’m left with one final thought. The new organization we identify and describe in this research is not just an artifact of technology, disruptive change, or the demanding needs of Millennials.
It’s more than that – it’s a shift away from “corporations as institutions” to “businesses as collections of people:” designed to operate the way we as people like to work.
The new organization and talent models described are not just trendy, they’re natural to us as people. I’ve found many studies which show that we as humans like to communicate, collaborate, and operate in small groups. We are essentially tribal animals, and we like to be part of something bigger than ourselves, connected locally to people we like, respect, and can enjoy. (Google just published its research on teams and it shows that we operate best when the organization builds trust, respect, and inclusion.)
The 1960′s organization, which looked like a hierarchy or an industrial institution, with executives who have private parking spaces, executive washrooms, and thickly carpeted offices at the top of the building with expansive views, is becoming a dinosaur. Yes executives will always like power and luxury to compensate them for their hard work – but today if they want to succeed they must learn how to tap into the power of every individual, every team, and figure out how to bring the network of teams together, aligned to fulfill on the needs of customers and the organization as a whole.
Think about who really “runs” your company: generally, retail companies are run by store managers; sales teams are run by sales leaders; consumer goods companies are led by product leaders; consulting teams are led by strong consultants; manufacturing companies are run by plant managers; and software and technology companies are led by engineers. If you come to grips with the potential to empower teams, make the teams work, and bring the teams together – you’ll find that your company, regardless of how large or small it may be, can flourish and grow like never before. It’s human nature for us to love our work if we “own it” – so part of this new organization is to let every person “own their work” and contribute in their own special way.
This research identifies new models to drive performance, employee engagement, and business growth in every industry. The ten trends identified: structure, leadership, culture, engagement, learning, design thinking, Digital HR, analytics, and workforce management – come together to serve as a roadmap for your organization’s journey into the future.
I recommend you read this report in detail, give Deloitte your feedback, and let’s talk about these issues in the coming year. The digital world of work is here, and our ability to build this “new organization, different by design” is more important than ever for all of us.