at lightning speeds.
From toddlers to adults, gaming has become an important part of our culture and lives. Gallagher even speculates that gamers could shape the 2016 presidential election.
Your organization’s online gaming strategy may be the key to its ability to hire and engage top talent. If you wonder how gaming will fit into your organization’s future, there is a simple solution. Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve, then build a game around it. Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer taught us this lesson in 1876. If you want to get something done, turn it into a game.
Start thinking about how you can use gaming technology to fuel not only your recruiting efforts, but also the overall engagement of people connected to your business.
Bunchball, Captain Up, and Games for Business provide gaming platforms to accelerate employee and customer engagement at organizations like Uber, Dell, HP, SAP, T-Mobile, Ford, ABC, NBC, CBS, Toyota, Virgin, Universal, Adobe,, Cisco, ESPN, Mattel, MTV and HBO.