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Dec 13, 2016

How Restaurants Are Successfuly Adapting To Laptop Squatters

As more of the work force labors independently and doesnt need an office, restaurants see an opportunity rather than a hassle. The digital equivalent of making lemonade from lemons. JL

Matthew Sedacca reports in Re/code:

For restaurants, the benefits aren’t limited to membership fees: a bonus comes during the transition from the office hours to happy hour. The draw is cost. Monthly membership to use a shared, non-reserved desk at co-working spaces runs $220; at hybrid hospitality spaces (it) runs $200. Rather than have customers pay by the cup and justify their stay by continually buying more, laptop rats pay five cents per minute. The first hour is $6.
Entering Williamsburg’s Glass Hour, at first glance, one can believe it's just another Brooklyn coffee shop. Seated around an oaken communal table, there’s the familiar scene of students and young professionals furiously typing articles and presentations on their laptops. But upon further exploration, there's more to soak in than the caffeine in one’s beverage.


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