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Mar 21, 2022

Is Putin's Invasion Failing Because Russian Intelligence Embezzled Billions Intended As Bribes For Ukrainians?

It's even  wilder than the headline suggests. The FSB embezzled every dime of the billions in bribe money intended for Ukraine, which they figured was a low risk crime because no one - not even Putin - would be crazy enough to invade Ukraine, the largest country in Europe, and the bribe money was in cash so there was no accounting. Meaning no one would miss the dough. 

But then Putin announced he WAS going to invade. And the military made clear it wouldn't do so unless the Ukrainian military had been bought off so it wouldn't fight, which the FSB had assured everyone had been taken care of. But since they hadn't been bought off, the FSB had a big problem. Which they attempted to solve by leaking the invasion news to the US (hence Biden's preternaturally superb intelligence on the invasion, including assassination attempts on Zelensky) hoping that would dissuade Putin. And the rest, as they say, is history. JL

Mary Frances Fitzgerald reports in The Times:

Sergey Beseda, head of the FSB 5th-Branch (Ukraine portfolio), has been arrested, along with his deputy, Anatoly Bolyukh for embezzlement from the state. The whole of the FSB 5th-Branch is under criminal investigation and many are also under arrest for embezzlement. For years Putin has been placing billions of dollars into the 5th-Branch budget for bribing Ukrainian military, secret service, internal security officers, and politicians. (But) Beseda and Anatoly Bolyukh have been embezzling every dime of the bribe budget, billions of dollars. And everyone in the 5th-Branch was getting a piece of the action. It was the perfect crime as spy bribes are paid in cash and (they thought) not even Putin was crazy enough to invade Ukraine

I am going to tell you a story which explains how and why Vladimir Putin (and the Russian military) so horribly misjudged the Ukrainian war, a war, the outcome of which, will change the future of our planet Earth.

It is well known that Sergey Beseda, head of the FSB 5th-Branch (Ukraine portfolio), has been arrested, along with his deputy, Anatoly Bolyukh. (The FSB is basically the former KGB.) (Beseda is a very high-ranking spy, his rank the equivalent of a U.S. 4-star general, Bolyukh a 3-star.)

It is also known that Beseda and Bolyukh were arrested for something that at first glance seems rather strange--embezzlement from the state. Publicly unknown, but interesting indeed is, the whole of the FSB 5th-Branch is under criminal investigation and many are under arrest for...embezzlement from the state.

Unknown to most is that for years Vladimir Putin has been placing billions of dollars into the 5th-Branch budget for the express and sole purpose of bribing Ukrainian officials, that is, military officers, Ukrainian secret service officers, Ukrainian internal security officers, and politicians. After Yanukovych was ejected in 2014, Putin got serious about bringing Ukraine back into the fold.

Here is the fun part. I am told by people I know (who are still in the game) that for years Sergey Beseda and Anatoly Bolyukh have been embezzling every dime of the bribe budget--literally billions of dollars. And everyone in the 5th-Branch was getting a piece of the action, all the way down to the field operatives who were supposed to be doing all the bribing. It was the perfect crime, spy bribes are paid in cash, and nobody, not even Vladimir Putin was crazy enough to invade Ukraine so nobody in the FSB was ever going to try to collect on the bribes that were never paid.

And this went on for years--since at least 2014.

Until, late last year.

Sometime in the October-November 2021 time-frame, Vladimir Putin called a meeting with a select few people, including Beseda and Bolyukh, and told them that Russia was going to invade Ukraine.

To have seen the look on the faces of Beseda and Bolyukh, because once again, none of the preparatory Ukrainian bribes had ever been paid. Putin had been given reports saying they had been paid, but in reality, not a penny had ever been spent on bribing--Ukrainians.

And as the story goes, Vladimir Putin was depending on--actually counting on--all these bribes having been paid. Because during the meeting, Putin discounted any resistance from Ukraine, saying all he had to do was kick on the door and the whole country would fall--in two days--because for years the FSB 5th-Branch had been doing such a good job at bribing Ukrainians.

I shi* you not.

The Russian army and air force signed off on the plan, with the assurance that the Ukrainian military was bribed and would not fight. The plan even included sending Russian police officers in the first wave of attack (to direct and control traffic in Kyiv) because according to the FSB 5th-Branch there was not going to be any resistance.

Beseda and Bolyukh (indeed the whole of the FSB 5th-Branch) now had a problem. A very big problem indeed.

What do spies do when they have a problem (that they want to keep secret from the boss) and they can`t solve all by themselves? They go talk to other spies and ask if they will help them solve their problem. And that is exactly what Sergey Beseda and Anatoly Bolyukh did.

It is well known that US intelligence (CIA) had very fine-grained, exact, precise, perfect, word-for-word intelligence on Putin`s invasion plans very early on in the game. Yep. You guessed it. 

The perfect way to keep the secret about the whole FSB embezzlement scheme was to make certain there was no invasion. And the best way to make sure there was no invasion was to tell the CIA that there was going to be an invasion. And that is exactly what happened. Sergey Beseda and Anatoly Bolyukh gave it up. All of it. And kept giving it up, hoping beyond hope that once the secret was out, Vladimir Putin would call the Ukrainian invasion off.

And this is why President Biden (the CIA and MI-6) had months of advance warning and a crystal clear view into Putin`s invasion plans, the FSB 5th-Branch, almost everybody in the 5th-Branch was mainlining intelligence into CIA/MI-6 in a vain attempt to save their lives.

Sergey Beseda and Anatoly Bolyukh?

Yeah, you won`t be seeing them again.


Anonymous said...

Shame we will never know for sure! :)

Anonymous said...

The largest country in europe is russia!

Anonymous said...

Hey, why don't you link to the source? Because it does not exist? Lol

Anonymous said...

I'm not able to find any such reporting by Mrs. Fitzgerald. Did you just make all of this up?

Anonymous said...

No proofs provided, another fake news lol

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some of this is partially backed up by the OMON (Russian riot police) who got wiped out trying to get into Kyiv in the first few days of invasion.

Anonymous said...

Yeah cause the russian system is 100% corrupt. Even the FSB. If this were true there would be a big number of FSB officers getting shot in white tiled basements rooms now. Why is everyone so naive today?

Anonymous said...

Hahaha ... the amount of ppl commenting on some small blog about this beeing fake news etc is quite a tell ... lot of putin trolls defending their bastard in chief ruling over his personal mafia state.
I would like to say that i'm feeling schadenfreude that this bloody dictator has to finally eat his own shit, but truth is that at least 10k russian soldiers, poor ppl from dagestan etc, tricked into signing contracts paid the toll for that in blood somewhere in the ukrainian mud.

Anonymous said...

Well, just considering the facts.

- The Russian army prepared for an easy ride to Kiev. Failed! We are almost in a month of war!
-It is a fact that whoever advised Putin and his army failed, and it is known that they were removed and are missing.
- The western allies have been saying for months that this war/invasion would happen and this way. How did they know?

Just watch what is happening to see that this post makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Don't call people who are interested in actual sources trolls please. I was one of them above and thanks to the later poster for the Twitter thread I know now it is a credible theory, not just something someone made up and potentially faked a source for.

Down with Putin and the rest of his elite.

Unknown said...

Which "The Times"? And who is Mary Frances Fitzgerald? There's a Mary Fitzgerald with New York Times, but she covers Libya and I couldn't find any trace of this article. Link, please?

Mike D. Jr. in PA said...

Seems completely fabricated, no links

Anonymous said...

Mary Frances Fitzgerald does not exist.

Anonymous said...

The single most plausible article I've read so far

Anonymous said...

Watching the invasion play out for the last 200 days I find this article to be very plausible as well. I understand the desire for sources to be named in order to establish the veracity of this information, but no one who has access to such information is about to put their name to it (FSB, CIA agents for example). Unless Russia falls as the USSR did we're very unlikely to know for sure if all of this is true.

Anonymous said...

Like the many String Theories of metaphysical speculation, this sounds logically plausible -- but forever unprovable...

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