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Apr 20, 2022

Russian Qanon Is Not So Sure the Ukraine Invasion Was A Good Idea

A useful analogy might be what happened to European Communists when Stalin signed a non-aggression pact with Hitler. It undermined their entire sense of being. 

Many Russians have relatives in Ukraine and many share ideological viewpoints about Covid, vaccines and other conspiracies about "the Globalists" (some believe Globalist headquarters is underneath the Chernobyl nuclear power plant).  Though many think Ukraine's western orientation and Jewish president are prima facie evidence of its being in the wrong, others are sufficiently worried that they have gone public with their concerns, especially as news of Russian battlefield reverses and casualties seep through the censors. JL

Aiganysh Adarbekova reports in Bellingcat:

Until 2020 there was almost no QAnon community in Russia, but, supercharged by the pandemic and the flurry of conspiracy theories about COVID-19, mask mandates, and the vaccines, QAnon began to gain traction. Most of global QAnon has long seen Putin as a hero, fighting by President Trump’s side. (But) QAnon Russia, one of the most popular channels in this network with 90,000 followers, posted a call for “peace and love” after the invasion began. “They struggle to find a position regarding Ukraine that sits well with their conspiratorial worldview.”


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