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Jan 21, 2020

The Reason Tech Workers Suffer From An Epidemic of Stress And Burnout

Tech's foundation myth and cultural beliefs are tied to the notion that working around the clock and never getting up from your computer leads to unimaginable wealth - so don't blow it by whining about lack of exercise, good diet or sleep.

The problem is that this life style not only no longer pays off for most people in the same way - but the harsh regimen is catching up with its practitioners, both physically as well as mentally - which may be affecting productivity and innovation. JL

Jesse Weaver reports in OneZero:

50% of those who work on computers report pain issues.The tech industry is the epicenter of hustle porn, where billionaires kill themselves to earn some social badge of honor. There is no room for sleep or a social life, let alone physical injuries. In tech, health and wellness is just another carrot to recruit employees, no different than a foosball table or kombucha tap. It’s available if you have time, but we’ve got features to ship. The culture of tech pushes people hard, but we don’t think about the effects. Microsoft shifted to a four-day workweek in Japan and productivity jumped by 40%.


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